Products and Services

Novel thin-films and devices:

High Quality, Epitaxial Thin-Films and Devices:

  • Custom Wafers: Epitaxial thin-films and device structures, including III-nitrides, III-oxides, metal-nitrides, metal-oxides, graded and modulated index alloys, n-type, p-type, or undoped.
  • Substrates: A12O3 , Si, SiC, ZnO, glass and others, up to 8″ diameter
  • Deposition techniques:  Plasma-assisted MBE, e-beam, PLD, ALD, and reactive magnetron sputtering, room temperature to >1100°C.
  • Available characterization:  In-situ RHEED, cathodoluminescence, optical reflectometry/pyrometery, ellipsometry, and post-deposition XRD, AFM, SEM, and dc and RF device measurements.
  • Device structures: (Al,In)GaN photocathodes, Schottky and p-i-n photodiodes, Al(Ga)N/GaN HEMTs and superlattice structures, and other III-nitride and III-oxide based devices.
  • R&D capabilities (open to joint collaborations): Design of experiments, device structures and thin-film deposition equipment, and preparation of related project plans and proposals.

Examples of III-Nitride Wafer Specifications:

Epitaxial layersGaN, AlGaN, InGaN, etc.
4″ Wafer uniformity GaN/A12O3< 4%
X-Ray FWHM GaN/A12O3< 3 arc min
Intentional n-type doping (Si)1016 to 1020 cm-3
Intentional p-type doping (Mg) 1017 to 1019 cm-3
Insulating Buffer Donor DensityNd < 1016 cm-3 
AlGaN/GaN HEMT Hall Mobility*> 1500 cm2 /Vs (300K)
Low temperature Hall Mobility * > 4000 cm2 /Vs (77K)
SubstratesSapphire, SiC, Si

HEMT characteristics depend on buffer and active layer structure.